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Aerosol Paint

Aerosol Paint

PRODUCT CARE IS A NOT-FOR-PROFIT INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION THAT MANAGES PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP PROGRAMS for household hazardous and special waste, on behalf of its members across Canada. Product Care has managed the BC Paint stewardship program since 1994.


Spray Paint,

Did You Know?

Aerosol paint (also called spray paint) is a type of paint that comes in a sealed pressurized container and is released in a fine spray mist.

The main part of an aerosol is the can and 60% of these are made from tinplated steel. The remaining 40% are made from aluminium. Both of these metals are recyclable. Aerosols also contain some small plastic and rubber components including the lid, valve and dip tube.

Places Where You Can Recycle Aerosol Paint


Island Return It Recycling Centre

1580 F Willow StVisit for more information.